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Our Vision

Become the No.1 Customer Experience eCommerce partner in ASEAN

Our Mission

Pursuing sales growth as our business outcome and continuously improvement in our process

Our Focus

High quality brands and products, especially at Lifestyle, Healthcare, Hobby, Home and Beauty

Our History

Here’s are our story before we become part of Transcosmos Group


Foundation of BPO Services

Established in June 1966 as a data entry BPO vendor.


BPO Services Expansion (Cost Reduction)

With the evolution of Internet technology, launched BPO services that help clients enhance their sales.


BPO Services Expansion (Sales Expansion)

Launched global BPO services, utilizing lWith advancements in Internet technology, provided BPO services that assist clients in expanding their sales.ocal sites around the world.


BPO Services Expansion (Global)

Launched global BPO services, utilizing local sites around the world.


Global e-CommerceOne Stop Service

With the worldwide expansion of e-commerce markets, launched Global e-commerce One-Stop, a service that provides total support for ecommerce-related businesses.


Transcosmos Commerce in Indonesia

Transcosmos Commerce begin the business in Indonesia located in Jakarta capital city.

Our Company in Numbers

13 Global Brand Client

2 Local Brand Client


Gross Merchandise Value Growth

Up to


Return to Investment

10 Partners

We’re hiring!

Meet our team

Naoto Osada
30 years in the Internet industry Japan, US, ASEAN
Acintya Pramudhita
6 years in E-commerce Industry
Ex-Shopee, Ex-JD.ID
Nur Intan Dhewanty
7 years in E-commerce Enabler
Expertise in Electronic and Fashion
Bonifasius Gilang
7 years in E-commerce Sales
Expertise in Health and Baby
Ricardo Nggadas
5 years in E-commerce Enabler
Client Acquisition and Relation
Hendry Dharma
6 years in E-commerce Sales
Multi Project Management
Sebastianus Nanda
3 years in E-commerce Sales
Fashion and Luxury Goods Team