Transcosmos Commerce's Strategy Skyrockets Seiko’s Sales by 19X Monthly

Olivia Rhye
11 Jan 2022
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With Transcosmos Commerce (TCCM) taking over Seiko's Flagship Store management, sales online increased by 1,903% or 19X in the first 10 months. 

Seiko was having difficulty finding e-commerce enabler expertise who has proven strategy and performance marketing skills in D2C initiatives. In less than a year after TCCM took over SEIKO's E-Commerce channels, their monthly sales increased 19X.

About Seiko

Seiko is widely known for its wristwatches. Founded in 1881, Seiko is able to design and develop all the components of a watch, as well as assemble, adjust, inspect and ship them in-house. Today, Seiko continues to innovate and push the boundaries of watch technology. The company produces a wide range of watches, from entry-level quartz watches to high-end mechanical watches that rival those produced by Swiss luxury brands.

The Challenge and Solution

Increased Sales and Optimized the ROAS

Over the past 10 months (Jan-Oct 2023), we have implemented efficient promotions and advertising on the popular Marketplace. As a result, sales increased 1,903% and the return on advertising investment (ROAS) was 25x or 2.3 times greater than the industry average of 11x.

How did we achieve those results? Below are some promotion activities that we had focused on:

  1. Leverage trending moment: Introduce a titanium collection during the iPhone launch, which features titanium as a key feature. It contributes 20% to the daily sales of this promotion.
  2. Target and empower women: Communicating about the collections for women has contributed 30% to daily sales.
  3. Collaboration with Honda: Seiko collaborates with Honda on a series dedicated to Honda enthusiasts. The strategy contributes to 50% of daily sales and is aimed at capturing the hearts of Honda fans. 
  4. Feature the Pepsi edition: The objective of this campaign is to draw attention to the Pepsi edition from Seiko's collection as part of our strategy. This campaign contributes 10% to daily sales. 

Battling Counterfeit Seiko Watches

In one of the popular e-commerce platforms, Shopee, Seiko was faced with a challenging situation. Counterfeit Seiko watches are sold at lower prices than genuine Seiko watches. This not only diminishes Seiko's Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), but also damages its brand image.

  1. Damage to Brand Reputation: The presence of counterfeit watches on Shopee negatively impacts the reputation of the brand, suggesting poor quality and unethical practices.
  2. Financial Loss: Devaluation of the Seiko brand and GMV as customers purchase counterfeit products instead of genuine products.

Initiative: Taking Action and Building Trust

Seiko is actively addressing this issue by formally requesting the removal of sellers offering counterfeit Seiko products on Shopee. With this strategic move, the brand hopes to get rid of fake watches on its platform, restoring its integrity as a result and the Shopee visitors increased up to 30%

In Shopee's product listings, Seiko provides comprehensive warranty and authenticity information, enabling potential customers to make informed choices, further reinforcing the brand's authenticity. This move has increased GMV by up to 20%.

This is how we collaborate with Seiko. The collaboration has been a success, providing customers with peace of mind and allowing them to make more informed purchasing decisions. The increased GMV for Seiko is a sign of the success of the initiative.

The Impact

Andhika, Marketing Associate PT AJI the official distributor of Seiko in Indonesia said, “Prior to Transcosmos Commerce, our online sales were not very satisfying. After partnering with them, our online sales increased significantly. This allowed us to reach more customers, increase sales, and gain market share.”

One of the challenges that was not easy to overcome was battling counterfeit products. “Partnering with Transcosmos Commerce is not about increasing sales but also the team helps us to manage our reputation in the market, the team really goes beyond and goes the extra mile to achieve that milestone”, Andhika added. 

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Olivia Rhye
11 Jan 2022
5 min read